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Keep your lawn in good shape without breaking a sweat. It is our job to put your needs first. At Landscapers Kansas City, MO, you can ensure that your needs are properly done. You don’t need to put your time on this heavy task and spend money on buying expensive equipment and treatments for your garden. Why worry? When you can, call us.

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We provide affordable lawn maintenance  all you need to do is choose the services you need. Just wait for the result and enjoy its scenery.  Learn more about our services and if you are ready to get started, just call us.



Lawn Care Service

Our lawn care service includes the following:

1. Lawn Mowing
2. Plug Aeration
3. Shrub Trimming
4.  Sidewalk Edging

If you do this job on your own, you need to have an indispensable knowledge of its process and have the proper tools to attain what you want. Using a proper method and right equipment to clean your lawn is essential. But with Landscapers Kansas City, MO, we provide for the equipment, so you don’t have to worry about buying one. Our specialists are also knowledgeable on how to properly care for your grass—no need to worry about your garden when you hire us. Also, we offer affordable service for a high-standard performance, so what are you waiting for? Hire us!


Weed Control Service

Our weed control service includes the following:

1. Soil Cultivation
2. Mulching
3. Applying Herbicides

Plucking the weeds on your lawn can be stressful as it keeps on popping out everywhere. It is unattractive to look at as it destroys the beauty of your lawn. When you water and mow them, it speeds up their growth. That is why you need experts who can properly treat your lawn. When you choose Landscapers Kansas City, MO, we will stop the weeds growth with our consecutive treatments and manual techniques to ensure they will never go back. Also, our treatment products are all eco- friendly, so you don’t need to worry about your family and pets.


Landscaping Service

Our landscaping service includes the following:

1. Mowing the lawn
2. Trimming Weed
3. Planting flowers, shrubs, and trees
4. Trimming hedges and trees
5. Making walkways
6. Making ponds

There is a lot to do to make your garden beautiful with landscaping. If you want to make a better front and back yard for your home, expert landscapers can help you. With Landscapers Kansas City, MO, we can design landscape plans for you, if you have recommendations to put in your design, just tell us and we can incorporate our ideas with yours. Landscaping is our expertise, so you can ensure you will get the scenery you want to achieve.



Fertilizing is an important lawn care treatment. When you apply fertilizer for your grasses and plants, it enhance its color, it helps fight stress, and it recovers from diseases. Fertilizing gives nutrients to your plants, so you cannot skip this practice for your lawn maintenance. Landscapers Kansas City, MO, can help you get the healthy lawn you want. We will use the best fertilizers just for your plants needs. We work hard in your yard.

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